In:Range – Full scale testing onboard North Sea Giant.

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ScanReach has successfully installed In:Range onboard North Sea Giant. North Sea Giant is amongst the largest and most advanced subsea construction vessels ever built.

Being able to test over time onboard such a vessel with over 100 crew connected will provide the shipowner and ScanReach with extremely valuable knowledge, information and data in order to improve In:Range. These full scale tests will also provide valuable knowledge better understanding the effect having In:Range installed during training in emergency and distressed operations.

In:Range utilizes smart ‘low power’ wireless IoT sensor technology providing on-board emergency response teams with an immediate overview and position of all personnel in real time. This information can be shared with different locations – such as fleet management offices, shipowner offices, insurance companies, coastal services and rescue departments – through cloud-based services, enabling enhanced decision support and assistance in emergencies.

It is now possible to pre-order In:Range for deliver in the end of 2019. For more information go to our In:Range section on the web.


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