Keeping you safer has always been our goal.

After years of intensive research and testing, we are convinced that our wireless technology and solutions can have a major impact on the safety and performance levels onboard vessels and rigs.

Our mission

We aim to increase personnel safety, vessel performance and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our technology and solutions

ScanReach’s wireless IoT platform is custom developed for industry environments made of complex and confined steel environments. Examples of complex steel constructions are vessels, offshore rigs and offshore wind turbines.   

ConnectFuel - wireless fuel consumption readings

Customer value

We enable our customers to increase overall safety for their people and assets.

Through our wireless connectivity platform, our customers will be able to improve their vessel performance. Thereby increase their competitiveness and sustainability.

Scanreach in brief

Dive in and get more knowledge of our history, how we work and get a future glimpse of how we move forward

The history of Scanreach

ScanReach is a maritime IoT company based in Bergen, Norway. The company was founded in 2015 with the mission of developing affordable and user-friendly live lifesaving technologies for vessels and offshore installations, in particular for Personnel On-Board (POB) Control.

Over the last years, we have developed the world’s first wireless IoT platform for complex and confined steel environments (like the inside of vessels and rigs) enabling not only wireless POB control but all kinds of on-board IoT applications (e.g. wireless control of assets, equipment, room conditions and cargo).

Our values

BRAVE, HONEST and CARING. These are the values are that defines us, our DNA. This is what we live every day. Separately, they have their meaning in themselves. Together they make an even stronger message and create a more complete picture of who we are.

We dare to challenge both ourselves and the markets we operate in. We have high ambitions and believe that we can make a difference. Speak up when we have something in our hearts and minds. We admit mistakes.

We are trustworthy and fair, we have no hidden agendas and we share our mistakes. Being humble is desired behaviour.

We have people at our heart and treat each other with respect, trust, tolerance and openness. Generosity is something we value. It is important to listen more than we speak.

Quality Policy Statements


Scandinavian Reach Technologies is making the Maritime and Offshore Industry Safer, Cleaner and Smarter through wireless onboard connectivity. We are committed to delivering products and services that:

Meet customer and regulatory requirements
Provide good customer experiences
Are sustainable and works overtime
Are cost-effective

The Quality Management System shall comply with requirements from ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 80079 – 34:2018 and regulations relevant for our business. We will ensure that our contractors and suppliers are aware of, and comply with, this policy. The aim is to continuously improve our Quality Management System through Clear Objectives, Performance Monitoring and Management Review. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver high-quality products and services through reliability and trust.

HSE policy statement

ScanReach’s activities are undertaken with integrity, responsibility and respect for the environment and the community in which our activities take place. This means to operate in an ethically and practically sound manner that minimises risks and places a high priority on the safety of the people involved in our operations.

Scandinavian Reach Technologies’ most valuable resources are our people. We believe that all accidents can be avoided, and our vision is zero injuries or harm to people, the environment and society. ScanReach is committed to:

Comply with all applicable HSE laws, regulations and standards as a minimum.
Identify hazards and perform risk assessments in a systematic manner and ensure applicable risk control to reduce their impacts to acceptable levels. Establish accountability and responsibility for HSE within organisational line management. Provide training, equipment and facilities necessary to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Protection and preservation of the environment and strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. Ensure that suppliers’ policies are compliant with our own standards.

Monitoring, reviewing and continual improvement of HSE performance.
Implementation of this policy is a management responsibility. Compliance with the policy is the responsibility of all employees and sub-contractors.

Code of ethics and professional conduct

The people at ScanReach have people in our hearts. We are grateful for what we have and the opportunities we are given. People shall always be treated with respect, trust, tolerance and openness. Whether it is a colleague, a customer, a competitor, a supplier, a shareholder, a business partner or anyone we meet along our journey as people in ScanReach. We like people to be happy and successful, both at work and at home. It shall be fun and meaningful to work with and within ScanReach. Therefore, we live to lift other people up, to cheer each other and to be fair, transparent and trustworthy in everything we do.


Representations and warranties. ScanReach keeps the following representations and warranties as a company policy:

The company’s directors, employees, representatives, contractors or sub-contractors, or any other person acting on the company’s behalf have not, in respect of any subject matter to the company’s business, engaged in any other conduct which would constitute an offence under the ABC Legislation.

Neither the company nor anyone acting on its behalf will carry out any of the acts described in the clause above.

By anyone, means any of the company’s current or former directors, officers or employees. It applies directly as indirectly, in connection with any subject matter to the company’s business.

Confidentiality/Prohibited Information
The ScanReach policy is not to act in breach of any duty of confidentiality owed to any third party. Furthermore, in any subject matter to the companies’ business, technology or otherwise; and Offer or provide any Prohibited Information, whether specifically related to the subject matter in discussion or otherwise.

Management System and Product Certifications

ScanReach has developed a Business Management System (BMS) that is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 by KIWA Sertifisering. Our BMS has also been certified in compliance with the requirements of the ATEX Directive and the IECEx Scheme by DNV GL Presafe. This is known as a Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) under ATEX and a Quality Assurance Report (QAR) under IECEx. Hence our Quality System is in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018. With this certification, ScanReach is approved by Ex Product Manufacturer.


Through onboard wireless connectivity (OWC) ScanReach can deliver an impact towards a sustainable future. The UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) is our framework and we focus on the following areas:

Protecting Planet & People, Innovation and Responsible Actions.

Protecting Planet & People

Reduced environmental impact due to efficient and targeted emergency handling.

The likelihood of pollution to the sea is reduced.

We think reduced emission can be achieved through reduction of fuel consumption.

We have in place systems for the recycling components and internal waste management.

High focus on responsible travels, production and procurement.

Enabling Needed Innovation and Change for Maritime Industry

Developing the maritime industry towards safer operations.

IoT platform as a catalyst for smart and digital vessels and installations.

More efficient operations through connectivity.

Our goal is to transform the Maritime and Offshore Industry by developing new and groundbreaking digitization technology.

Five ongoing innovation projects funded by Innovation Norway and Maritime Industry Partners.

UN Sustainability 8 and 16

Responsible Actions


A safer workplace at sea. Increased safety level for all personnel.

Increased crew welfare and perceived level of safety and security.

Investing in ConnectPOB proves your safety focus and responsibility for your personnel.


We strive to be a trusted partner through the way we do business and act concerning our clients. Our guidance is our policies and values to reach this goal.

Systematically work is done towards a fully safe and healthy working environment for our employees because we care.

No bribary

We work actively with export control and identifying sanctioned institutions to avoid corruption and money laundry. Active due diligence towards any third-party business partner is performed.

We make a huge effort to comply with all relevant regulations and standards and our products are type-approved and certified.