Why always using our chosen color palette!

Color is very important in branding and marketing because it produces good identity building and recognition across all our visual communication and branding. 

Color is more than just a visual aid. The color palette conveys emotions, feelings, and experiences. 

For instance, our ScanReach mint/teal green color provides a feeling of blue-green seawater, as well as sustainability. The ScanReach Amaranth can be used for highlights and alerts. The warm red color may provide a feeling of importance or danger. The whole color palette is in balance.

A color wheel/circle/disk/chart shows the relationships between primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors. We want to provide you with enough colors to create great visual impact. In addition to our chosen color palette, you can use grades going dark or light. 


ScanReach Mint

PMS 333 C

RGB 40, 216, 195
CMYK 63, 0, 34, 0

ScanReach Dark


ScanReach Gradient

#121621 – #323E48


ScanReach Teal

RGB 90, 189, 181
CMYK 63, 0, 35, 0

ScanReach Pale Turquioise

RGB 167, 206, 204
CMYK 34, 6, 20, 0

ScanReach Polar

RGB 230, 249, 246
CMYK 12, 0, 6, 0

ScanReach Spring

RGB 244, 252, 251
CMYK 5, 0, 3, 0


Dark BlueGrey

RGB 50, 62, 72
CMYK 78, 64, 53, 44

Medium Grey

RGB 86, 96. 105
CMYK 68, 54, 46, 21

Light Grey

RGB 145, 150, 158
CMYK 46, 35, 32, 1

ScanReach Amarath

RGB 232, 67, 79
CMYK 3, 89, 73, 0

ScanReach Golden

RGB 233, 196, 59
CMYK 0, 15, 81, 12

Nunito Sans

Century Gothic is a system/desktop font

A system/desktop font is designed to be installed on your computer for use with applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook and many more.

Web fonts are designed specifically for use on the web and can be loaded with CSS code. By using web fonts, designers are able to create a rich, custom look, while keeping the text easily editable for both style and content changes

Licensed fonts

EXO 2, Poppins, and Nunito Sans are our graphical licensed font, being used in graphical design.

Minimum clear space

The ScanReach logo should be placed in a prominent position so that it is obvious. There should always be enough space around the logo to ensure a clean and easily understood visual image. The amount of clear space will vary in direct proportion to the logo’s size.

Other than the Onboard Wireless Connectivity the logo should never be interfered with or joined to other elements that will lead to its clarity or readability being diminished.

Minimum logo size

In order for the logo to be rendered as clearly as possible, it has been assigned a minimum size. For printed media, a minimum logo size measurement of 6 mm should be applied to the logo. For digital media, a minimum measurement of 17 px should be applied.

Colour use in logo

The logo exists in five colours only (these are shown on the right). All other colour combinations need to be clarified with the VP of Marketing & Communications.

Colour choice should be based on a carefully considered assessment of the contrast between the logo and the background. Always aim to make the logo as clear as possible.

A – PMS 333C & 6C/#121621
The logo with Category payoff will be used in all cases where it occurs as an introduction.

B – PMS 333C & 6C /#121621
The original logo for light and dark backgrounds will be used in the majority of cases where it repeats often (e.g. several pages/slides),

C- Four one-coloured versions
The ScanReach Aqua / 6C / grey / ScanReach Vulcan coloured logo can be used only in cases where only one colour is required used, or if the background design/image.