ConnectPOB installed onboard Olympic Electra in less than 3 hours!

Hilde 3 years ago • 1min. read.

Kudos to Olympic Subsea! With the installation of ConnectPOB on Olympic Electra, Olympic Subsea has now increased the level of safety for their fleet having ConnectPOB installed on almost all their vessels. Olympic Electra completed a self-installation of ConnectPOB during Easter in less than 3 hours. That is impressive! ScanReach is honored by the opportunity to work with Olympic Subsea.

VP QHSE Tonny Sørdal quotes “Safety for our seafarers is always our highest priority, so when we see an opportunity to increase the level of safety and the same time increase our competitiveness we grab it. Olympic Subsea wants to be a front runner for safety at sea, a safe place to work”.

ScanReach wishes all the crew members on Olympic Electra a safe workday at sea!

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