How to buy?

Our team can
have you up
and running in
1-2 weeks time*

*That is our average time
from first contact to having
the system up and running.
The installation onboard is
plug&play and takes a few hours.

Put safety and POB efficiency at the
heart of your business with ConnectPOB.

Step one

Present us with your vessel’s general arrangement (GA) + crew number.

Step two

Based on your input we are now preparing a first draft of quote.

Step three

Together we finalise the quote based on your requirements for accuracy and vessel coverage.

Step four

Your order will be confirmed and prepared for delivery.

Step five

ConnectPOB will now be delivered to your prefered harbour.

Step six

You can now install ConnectPOB on your chosen vessel. Congratulations!

24/7 Support

Our service team is on stand-by from first contact and during daily operation.

From one vessel to an entire fleet

How Dess Aquaculture Shipping builds competitive advantage using ConnectPOB.


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