Introducing our new CCO

J.Berger 1 year ago • 3min. read.

We are thrilled to announce and welcome Sven Brooks as our new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). With his skills and experience, we know he will be a great asset to our company.

Sven will lead the company´s commercial strategy and sales team. This will further enable ScanReach to deliver value and build business relationships across the global maritime industries.

We are delighted to welcome Sven to our diverse and global team as we continue to unlock the true potential of wireless connectivity solutions in the maritime industry. We believe Sven will play an important role in delivering our cutting-edge solutions which can change our world for the better,

says Arild Sæle, CEO of ScanReach.

Sven has over 20 years of experience in the maritime industry with expertise in maritime IoT, integrated bridge systems, smart and connected vessels, and fleet management solutions. Prior to joining ScanReach, Sven worked for SAM Electronics, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine and KVH Industries in a variety of roles culminating as senior business development director responsible for KVH’s IoT program. He has held positions in Hamburg, London, Rotterdam, and Hong Kong.

Sven, why did you join ScanReach?

“People, Technology and Progress is what excites me most about ScanReach.

In ScanReach, you find a smart team of maritime enthusiasts who are committed to making an impact on the shipping industry. Our mantra of being honest, brave, and caring is reflected in our product & services as well as in our daily work.

Our onboard wireless connectivity solution is unique, allowing us to respond to the most prominent challenges the maritime industry is facing today. Our technology is assisting shipowners and managers to respond to global logistic challenges, decarbonization efforts and crew welfare & safety matters.

Helping customers, working with like-minded people, and utilizing the latest technologies while taking shipping into the next decade is an exciting journey – and reason enough to join ScanReach altogether,”

answers Sven Brooks, newly appointed CCO

What do you expect from your new team and workplace?
“A collaborative, curious and creative environment, where the customer is the centre of attention. And I am pretty sure that´s where & who we are today already.”

We were looking for a brave, honest, and caring Chief Commercial Officer with extensive experience in growth and market share. We truly believe we found the perfect person in Sven.

Over the last years, we have developed the breakthrough onboard wireless connectivity technology which enables data to travel anywhere on a maritime vessel without cabling. IoT sensor data in complex steel environments, such as vessels, rigs, and offshore wind turbines, is made available to management onboard and onshore.

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