Introducing our new Junior Software Developer – Dmytro Myronchuk

Martin 2 months ago • 2min. read.

Welcome aboard! We are thrilled to announce Dmytro Myronchuk as part of our new pioneer team.

Dmytro Myronchuk is an excellent back-end coder with advanced computer knowledge. He is a young, quick-thinking techie who live and breathe code. Dmytro’s advanced programming skills and understanding of complex computer programs will greatly benefit us. 

Dmytro joins the dynamic “Pioneer team” within ScanReach’s tech unit, where he will leverage his expertise to enhance our back-end systems. Additionally, his exceptional full-stack development skills, spanning .NET, databases, and APIs, will be invaluable in expanding our mesh network’s reliability.

“Dmytro is a highly passionate developer. He is quick to learn new technologies and concepts and will be a very valuable addition to the Tech DevOps Team as a backend developer. We can’t wait to see how his skills will evolve the next years!”

Mathias Haugsbø, Pioneer Team Manager at ScanReach

Why ScanReach?

“I wanted to join the ScanReach team because I have great belief in the future of IoT systems, and how it can enhance the maritime industry. The OWC network’s promising future presents a unique opportunity for me to contribute to its development. Moreover, being part of this journey will undoubtedly serve as an outstanding launchpad for my career.”

Dmytro Myronchuk, Software Engineer at ScanReach

How do you enjoy spending your free time?”

I enjoy playing computer games and tabletop, especially D&D. In addition to this, I enjoy the joys of hiking and the art of baking.

– Dmytro Myronchuk

What is your favourite feature of the ScanReach OWC network?

“When it comes to ScanReach technologies, my absolute favorite feature is ConnectFuel. As someone deeply concerned about the environment, I find ConnectFuel particularly appealing since it contributes to fuel economy, thereby effectively reducing our carbon footprint.”

Dmytro is going to be an excellent asset to our company!

Over the last years, the ScanReach team has developed the breakthrough onboard wireless connectivity technology which enables data to travel anywhere on a maritime vessel without cabling. IoT sensor data in complex steel environments, such as vessels, rigs, and offshore wind turbines, is made available to management onboard and onshore.

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