Introducing our new VP Sales & BD

Martin 1 year ago • 3min. read.

Welcome aboard! We are thrilled to announce Dan Slater as our new VP Sales & Business Development.

Dan will work in the sales units, as well as the business development part of ScanReach. Dan brings over 10 years experience in selling onboard performance solutions to the maritime industry specifically in growing companies such as ScanReach. His skills and past experience aligns perfectly with where we are, and where we want to go with ScanReach.

Dan has extensive experience and a proven track record in helping clients achieve their performance goals. We are excited to welcome Dan to the team. We are confident that he will be a valuable addition to our team and help us to continue to grow our business

Sven Brooks, Chief Commercial Officer, ScanReach

What is your favourite feature of the OWC network?

Scanreach has a fantastic solution, however the fascinating parts of what we do is getting data wirelessly around a vessel in the most difficult environments (big steel structures). Secondly, we are able to take data from any sensor around a vessel without the owner / operator having to waste valuable time and money on pulling cables. Installation is typically done by the crew so you can be up and running in a couple of days not weeks or months

How do you enjoy spending your free time?”

I really enjoy time with my family, exploring the outdoors and playing golf. I also like to keep up to date with the latest technology and how it can be applied to the shipping industry.

Dan Slater, VP Sales & BD, ScanReach.

Why should the maritime industry update its technology and mindset?

“There are huge benefits to embracing technology and the maritime industry is well on its voyage of discovery. One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is not the amount of data (there is plenty of it) but it’s harvesting the data, bringing it together, and moving it around the vessel. Then understanding that data to provide value and actionable insights. The industry is getting there but there is still work to do in fully reaping the benefits of the modern day digitally connected vessel”

Dan is going to be a valuable asset to our company!

Over the last years, the ScanReach team has developed the breakthrough onboard wireless connectivity technology which enables data to travel anywhere on a maritime vessel without cabling. IoT sensor data in complex steel environments, such as vessels, rigs, and offshore wind turbines, is made available to management onboard and onshore.

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