ioCurrents and ScanReach Partnership Benefits Merchant Fleet and Offshore

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Data analytics specialist ioCurrents and ScanReach, a groundbreaking maritime wireless IoT solutions provider, have formed a strategic partnership to help ship operators and the offshore sector become more efficient and sustainable.

ScanReach has spent years researching and testing its systems so that it can confidently offer the industry a robust wireless technology that will collect vessel data from onboard sensors without the need for costly and disruptive equipment installations. This data will then be analysed by ioCurrents to provide invaluable insights that will improve the safety and performance levels on vessels and offshore installations.

ioCurrents specializes in data analysis using AI and machine learning to output real-time fact-based insights. This helps improve decision-making with the ultimate goal of achieving operational efficiencies and reduced OpExwhich will also help contribute to a more sustainable business model and improve crew safety.

ScanReach Onboard Wireless Connectivity (OWC)

“Linking up with ioCurrents was an easy decision to make. I have worked with the team before and know how using the insights from their proprietary platform MarineInsight™ can have a dramatic positive effect on a company’s operations,”

says Sven Brooks, Chief Commercial Officer for ScanReach.

ScanReach’s technology can even be used for onboard personnel tracking and location during emergency situations to aid precision rescue team involvement and automatic mustering count.

Jon Best, Director of Business Development for ioCurrents, said,

«Forming a partnership with ScanReach is really exciting as their wireless solution makes data collection so much easier than having to install miles of cabling on a vessel or offshore platform.  Their tried and tested technology works on even the most complex steel environments and their ‘plug and play’ solution means that clients can do the whole installation themselves with minimal operational disruption. When adding sensors, such as ConnectFuel, ioCurrents can seamlessly ingest the ScanReach data and perform actionable insight to strengthen output with MarineInsight’s analytics,»

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About ioCurrents

Through purposeful digitization, ioCurrents provides customers with information on when, where, and why to pay attention to each asset on each unique vessel, offering the opportunity to gain efficiencies. The company is the creator of the MarineInsight platform, a data analysis tool focused on improving maintenance, predicting failures, and optimizing fuel all with the end result of smarter shipping. Founded in Seattle in 2015, the company is active in the workboat, OSV, bulk, and tanker industries, and other commercial and passenger maritime sectors around the globe.

About ScanReach

Scandinavian Reach Technologies AS (ScanReach) is a maritime IoT company based in Bergen, Norway. The company was founded in 2015 with the mission to develop affordable and user-friendly live lifesaving technologies for vessels and offshore installations.

It has developed ground-breaking maritime wireless technology to make data gathering on vessels and offshore installations easier and more sustainable. The ultimate goal is to create a safer working environment for crews and provide solutions to accelerate the reduction of emissions through behavioural change, as well as improve efficiency on board vessels. Read more about our solutions.