Maritime Tech Talks – OWC III

Martin 2 years ago • 3min. read.

In this new series, we will be tackling the most common questions asked.

This time, our VP Technical solutions Tor-Erik Rong is explaining who ConnectFuel is made for.

What is ConnectFuel?

ConnectFuel gives an instant and historical awareness of your ship’s performance. By enhancing data, one can easily adjust to reduce fuel consumption.

Why should someone install ConnectFuel?

ConnectFuel will add value to any ship, but of course the most to those without any form of measurements. We can integrate into many systems where you have a local readoff, but any player in the industry who want to become greener will have value from ConnectFuel.

Who am I?

My name is Tor-Erik Rong. As VP of Technical solutions, I am responsible for developing ScanReach solutions.

Is the system costly?

No, as the wireless setup will save money compared to a wired one. All you have to do is buy an ultrasonic flowmeter, and install it.

In case you missed the second one, here it is.

How does ConnectFuel work?

ConnectFuel is a solution for adding live and historical fuel consumption measurement to a vessel. Through the ScanReach OWC (Onboard wireless connectivity), one can install flowmeters in a couple of hours, non-destructibly.

Why do we make it?

ConnectFuel was created to fill a performance and efficiency gap in vessels with no measurement methods. Through historical and live data, one can adjust to meet required consumption.

As time has passed by more use cases have been added and OWC is today also collecting and transporting fuel, temperature, humidity and other types of data.

Plug into the Onboard Wireless Connectivity IoT platform for the maritime industry.

We have developed the reliable Onboard Wireless Connectivity IoT platform for complex steel environments removing the need for expensive cabling. It is now possible to connect wirelessly to people, sensors, equipment and cargo onboard any type of vessel, rig or windfarm.
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No cables

Wireless node mesh eliminates the need for cables. Reduces installation cost immensely.

Plug & Play

Our installation guide makes it possible for our clients to do the whole installation internally.

Full connectivity

Full wireless connectivity through the wireless IoT platform enabling increased safety, performance and sustainability. 

Subscription plans

The solution cost is based on a subscription plan, making it easy accessible for tight budgets.