Nor-Shipping 2023: Advancements, Sustainability, and Collaborative Pathways in the Maritime Industry

Martin 8 months ago • 3min. read.

Nor-Shipping is a renowned international maritime event that serves as a global meeting place for key players in the maritime and ocean industries. Held biennially in Lillestrøm, Norway, Nor-Shipping brings together shipowners, shipbuilders, technology providers, industry experts, and policymakers from around the world. Lets discuss our experience joining this exciting event for the second time.

The event is one of the world’s leading maritime and ocean industry exhibitions, was a resounding success, bringing together industry professionals, experts, and innovators from around the globe. The event, held from June 5 – 9th, showcased the latest advancements and trends in the maritime sector while fostering networking opportunities and knowledge exchange. ScanReach was a strong contributor presenting its industry-defining OWC network, new features across its asset tracking, fuel monitoring & cargo monitoring services, new capabilities, as well as a wide range of new wireless sensors to address e.g. condition-based-maintenance. From shipbuilding and offshore exploration to logistics and digitalisation, the expo provided a comprehensive overview of the entire value chain, catering to various sectors within the maritime domain. 

Nor-Shipping was the perfect platform at the right time and country to bring the maritime professionals together and explore cooperations, learn about new technologies and share ideas. ScanReach was able to attract a lot of attention with the unique onboard wireless connectivity within complex steel environments, solving many existent problems within the digitalisation phase of fleets and wirelessly collecting data from different sensors.

Paul Robbe, VP Sales & BD at ScanReach

Green technology and sustainability as the main subject

Sustainability and decarbonisation were prominent themes throughout the event. Attendees witnessed strong initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency, and adopting alternative fuels. The transition towards cleaner and more sustainable shipping practices was a key focus, with discussions on regulatory frameworks, renewable energy integration, and the importance of collaboration among stakeholders. 

The expo provided an ideal platform for networking, facilitating fruitful interactions among industry leaders, start-ups, investors, and policymakers. On Wednesday the Blue Talk on the value of real-time fuel monitoring presented by CEO Sven Brooks and CPO Tor-Erik Rong was well visited and led to many interesting talks with the audience afterwards.  

Nor-Shipping 2023 not only highlighted the current state of the maritime industry but also offered a glimpse into its future trajectory. It emphasised the importance of sustainability, digitalisation, and collaboration as drivers of positive change within the sector. The event’s success further solidified Nor-Shipping’s reputation as a crucial meeting place for maritime professionals, fostering innovation. At ScanReach, we made it our mission to increase safety & performance and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future, hence we will be back in 2025 to meet with our partners, customers & friends.

Over the last years, the ScanReach team has developed the breakthrough onboard wireless connectivity technology which enables data to travel anywhere on a maritime vessel without cabling. IoT sensor data in complex steel environments, such as vessels, rigs, and offshore wind turbines, is made available to management onboard and onshore.

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