Østensjø Rederi has successfully installed ScanReach ConnectPOB

Hilde 3 years ago • 1min. read.

We are proud to announce that Østensjø Rederi has successfully installed ConnectPOB on SOV Edda Passat and are now taking safety to a new level.

During Christmas the crew on Edda Passat easily installed and started using ConnectPOB on board. “This is a new way of increasing the safety onboard” says Senior Project Engineer at Østensjø Rederi, Vidar Håheim. He continues, “In Østensjø Rederi we never compromise on safety,, and when we learned about ScanReach and their ConnectPOB we knew we needed to test it out”.

Østensjø Rederi will also install ConnectPOB on MPSV Edda Fjord next month. With ConnectPOB installed we will within seconds have a complete overview of the location of our crew members both during training and in case of an emergency situation.

The feedback so far has been  great, “This is really giving us value”, says Håheim. In addition, the system will also be a useful tool for  personnel control during operation in offshore wind farms.

We at ScanReach are grateful for the opportunity, and to be a part of a safer day for all seafarers at Østensjø Rederi.