Olympic Subsea takes another step in increasing safety for their seafarers.

Hilde 3 years ago • 1min. read.

We are happy to announce that Olympic has signed contracts for another four vessels.

By installing ScanReach Connect POB on Olympic Taurus, Olympic Artemis, Olympic Delta and Olympic Commander they now have a great tool for handling emergencies onboard their vessels bringing safety to a new level. Olympic Ares and Olympic Orion have been running the system for a while already and Olympic SubSea have now ScanReach Connect POB on 6 of their vessels. This proves that Olympic as a shipowner takes their employees’ safety seriously and does whatever they can to make them safe.

Tonny Sørdal HSEQ says in a comment “It is not only the instant overview over crew when something happens that is great, but also the safety button and everything else ScanReach has in development that is very exciting, this makes it easy to say yes to such a system.” ScanReach wants to thank Olympic for the trust they put in us and wish all their seafarers safe days at sea.

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