Olympic SubSea takes safety to a new level for Olympic Ares and Olympic Orion

Hilde 4 years ago • 1min. read.

Olympic Subsea ASA takes safety to a new level for two of their vessels Olympic Ares and Olympic Orion, as a pilot project. After successful installations they have now instant location control of POB at any time during training, emergency and when need of mustering. The systems installed are very flexible and easy to understand for the users especially in a distressed situation. Olympic make use of the system for automatic gangway control as well increasing the value of the installation.

This is something new and it’s looking promising for increasing the safety level on board our vessels. One thing is that the crew will be automatically spotted during emergency and head counted at mustering stations, but the distress button on the wearable makes the crew even feel safer. The installation is very easy, and it looks like it works great!

Tonny Sørdal VP QHSE

ScanReach appreciate the trust and wishes Olympic all the best on their mission for increased safety at sea.