Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference 2021

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Diversification. Digitalisation. Decarbonisation.

Industry leaders in the offshore industries will share their experiences, review the latest industry data, market trends and drivers and arm you with the information needed to ensure solid decision making for future success and growth.

Amongst other important topics driving development in the OSV sector, leading experts will demonstrate the benefits of adopting innovative technologies such as digitalisation, IoT, AI and automation, as well as solutions for meeting zero-emission targets and reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

November 17. – 18.
London, United Kingdom

Arild Sæle, CEO, CCO & Founder of ScanReach

ScanReach presenting November 17.

Listen in on our CEO, Arild Sæle, when presenting Wednesday November 17, at 17:10.

Topic: Benefits of retrofitting wireless connectivity onboard vessels

We can help the maritime industry to:

  • save lives,
  • become more sustainable, and
  • make use of smart technologies in heavy steel environments.

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Useful information


Novotel London West Hotel
1st floor, Champagne Suite1 Shortlands
Hammersmith International Centre
W6 8DR

Plug into the world’s first wireless IoT platform for the maritime industry.

We have developed the Worlds’s first wireless IoT platform for complex steel environments removing the need for expensive cabling. It is now possible to connect wirelessly to people, sensors, equipment and cargo onboard any type of vessel, rig or windfarm.

No cables

Wireless node mesh eliminates the need for cables. Reduces installation cost immensely.

Plug & Play

Our installation guide makes it possible for our clients to do the whole installation internally.

Full connectivity

Full wireless connectivity through the wireless IoT platform enabling increased safety, performance and sustainability. 

Subscription plans

The solution cost is based on a subscription plan, making it easy accessible for tight budgets.