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While we are at the forefront of and specialized in onboard wireless connectivity in maritime steel environments, we need you to reach out to the market. This site will continuously improve with your input.

We have shared some quick links and videos which will provide you with a toolbox for promoting ScanReach and our deliverables.


Corporate logo original (zip)

ConnectPOB (zip)

ConnectFuel (zip)

ConnectFleet (zip)

Corporate colours
& fonts

Color codes (link)


DEMO – set up
(please note that distress alarm time is changed from three seconds to only >1 second)

DEMO – Run a demo on safety distress alarm, muster, search & rescue

DEMO – System alerts & warnings

DEMO – Node management

DEMO – Personnel management

DEMO – Admin (Access control)


Brochures, white papers, images and more.

Guide to onboard wireless connectivity
  • Onboard Wireless Connectivity flyer (link)
  • ConnectPoB brochure (link)
  • Connect Whitepaper (link)
  • ConnectFuel brochure (link)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (please contact us)

The support site provides user and installation manual.

Please feel free to follow our channels for the latest marketing material to share and re-post:
YouTube. Vimeo. LinkedIn. Facebook. Instagram.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if in need of more assistance.