Press Release: J.J. Ugland Awards ScanReach Contract for Innovative ConnectFuel Solution

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Norway, 11. July 2023 – J.J. Ugland, a leading global shipping company, awarded a significant contract to ScanReach, the maritime Wireless Connectivity and Data provider, to deliver its ConnectFuel solution to optimise fuel consumption and reporting for J.J. Ugland’s fleet.

Onboard Wireless Connectivity (OWC) is the platform for real-time data collection, analytics and reporting to onboard and onshore users. What distinguishes OWC from alternatives is how quickly its wireless mesh network can be installed, and further expanded to meet future needs. OWC consists of wireless mesh network nodes that can be mounted onto bulkheads by crew or installers, an onboard server to host the data and applications, and a Cloud endpoint. The network nodes operate on specific frequencies that provide the required signal performance for complex steel environments, connecting to sensors in problematic locations. 

Fuel consumption data and reporting

ConnectFuel provides fuel consumption KPIs anchored on the highest quality data both onboard the vessel and onshore, providing transparency to all stakeholders and enabling quicker and more efficient operational decisions.

What’s more, OWC APIs on the vessel and Cloud offer frictionless data exchange, allowing J.J. Ugland to stay on the vanguard in the vessel performance optimisation space. J.J. Ugland can compare and deploy any mix of in-house and third-party applications. They can spin up new data views and analytics in minutes. With the installation story resolved, analysts can work unhindered in the data plane to gain a competitive advantage. 

Through this innovative solution, J.J. Ugland exploits the power of digitalisation to enhance operational performance, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with IMO regulations.

We are thrilled to collaborate with ScanReach and incorporate their groundbreaking ConnectFuel solution into our fleet. This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation and continuously improving our operations. ConnectFuel will provide us with enhanced connectivity and data-driven insights and contribute as a tool to drive engagement and behaviour towards lowering fuel consumption.

Jarl-Erik Hageland, Technical Manager of J.J. Ugland

We are delighted that J.J. Ugland has chosen us as their long-term technology partner for maritime connectivity solutions. ConnectFuel has been developed with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the shipping industry. By providing real-time connectivity and capturing data for advanced analytics, we will empower J.J. Ugland’s fleet with the tools they need to make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and enhance the safety of their operations.”

Sven Brooks, Chief Executive Officer at ScanReach

ScanReach is an innovator in the maritime industry, committed to transforming the way ships operate through cutting-edge technology. The company’s partnership with J.J. Ugland represents another significant step forward in its mission to revolutionise maritime connectivity and drive digital transformation across the industry.

Both J.J. Ugland and ScanReach are dedicated to sustainable shipping practices, and this partnership aligns with their shared vision of promoting greener and more efficient operations. By embracing the insight provided by ConnectFuel, J.J. Ugland aims to reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions, and contribute to a more sustainable maritime sector.

The contract between J.J. Ugland and ScanReach is already underway, with the deployment of ConnectFuel across J.J. Ugland’s fleet beginning over the coming weeks.

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Chief Finance Officer

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About J.J. Ugland

J.J. Ugland is a prominent global shipping company with a rich heritage of over 100 years. The company operates a diverse fleet of vessels, specializing in various sectors, such as bulk carriers, barges, and offshore support vessels. J. J. Ugland is committed to providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable shipping services to its global clientele.

About Scandinavian Reach Technologies AS

ScanReach is a leading provider of wireless connectivity solutions for the maritime industry, offering a range of innovative products and services that enable ship owners and operators to optimise their operations, improve safety, and reduce environmental impact. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, ScanReach is at the forefront of maritime connectivity and digitalisation.

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