Press Release: Norwind Offshore signs contract with ScanReach

J.Berger 2 years ago • 3min. read.

ScanReach delivers ConnectPOB and Gangway to Norwind Offhore´s first CSOV, scheduled for delivery Q2 2022.

Smart wireless IT-solutions are again heading towards the seven seas. ConnectPOB, a decision-making tool for better safety on maritime vessels, and Gangway to provide a touch&go registration for Walk2Work on Offshore Windmill farms. In an emergency, knowing the exact location of personnel requiring assistance is critical. If the crew does not arrive at the mustering station, or a person in distress notifies the bridge via the bracelet, it is necessary to initiate a rescue mission. When you have indications of where the person is, the rescue can be carried out effectively. Time can be a life-saving factor.

ScanReach has developed a world-leading wireless IoT platform for complex steel environments, which can improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability on board all types of vessels. Once the network is on board, a number of additional services besides the safety tool can be implemented in one go. Norwind Offshore wanted a solution that could easily register when personnel went on and off wind turbines, disembarked or efficiently register visitors on board. This is delivered through ScanReach’s Gangway solution, and will thus also be found on the first delivery to Norwind. If the delivery and experience is a success, the solution is planned installed on the Norwind Offshore vessels in their roadmap. According to the roadmap, the next vessels will be delivered in 2023, 2024 and 2025, a total of 5 vessels, with options for two (2025).

We experience Norwind Offshore as a safety oriented and innovative company. The company has been positive and efficient in the agreement process. We look forward to a good and long-term collaboration with Norwind Offshore,”

says Arild Sæle, CEO, ScanReach.

«Safety and efficiency are two key concepts that Norwind Offshore AS strives for at all levels. When ScanReach thinks ahead and develops an innovative solution that raises the safety of the crew on board, and at the same time offers the digital / efficient embarking and disembarking registration of personnel, it is exciting and pleasant to take part in such a solution. Norwind Offshore AS looks forward to implementing the platform and contributing to the further development of the product together with ScanReach

says Roy Ove Standal, COO, Norwind Offshore AS.

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