Press Release – RUUVI and ScanReach provide the maritime industry with Environmental Monitoring

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RUUVI and ScanReach on board together for safer, more sustainable, and improved performance.

Moving from manually reading off the measurements to wireless remotely displayed data.

Many human resource hours can be saved, and human errors are avoided when pen and paper are replaced with automated sensors and wireless connections.

Wireless sensors will also provide insights for predictive maintenance of critical equipment. Being able to retrieve data and monitor it onshore allows for corrective action to be taken prior to a breakdown, which may prevent operational downtime.

Environmental sensors used for cargo condition monitoring

In 2021, ScanReach had the honour of participating in a trial executed by LiveCorp to improve animal welfare in the livestock export industry. The project was funded through an Australian Government grant.

Ruuvi and ScanReach together provide low-cost, efficient wireless environmental data reading and harvesting for immediate actions of correctional adjustments onboard as well as for real-time and historical data reporting.

Effective wireless transmission of data is difficult within the ships because of the amount of steel, particularly on the cargo decks. There are also limitations on installing electrical wiring. Batteries are often required, and any devices must be able to cope with livestock and thorough biosecurity washdowns after every voyage.

Some ship owners and exporters are using automated loggers to collect information such as temperature and humidity. However, someone normally needs to walk around each deck to get a strong enough signal to download the data to a handheld device.

This has now been automated by installing the ScanReach mesh network along with Ruuvi sensors to retrieve real-time wet-bulb data.

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ScanReach Onboard Wireless Connectivity (OWC)

“Less than a year on from our initial trial with LiveCorp, we have begun installing environmental monitoring systems enabled by our ScanReach mesh network on several vessels in the livestock trade,,”

says Ronny Waage, Regional Manager & VP Sales of ScanReach in Asia Pacific.

Environmental sensors used for food quality assurance

We value our clients and their feedback.

Tonny Sørdal, Chief QHSE & Crewing Officer, Olympic Subsea ASA met our CEO Arild Sæle a few years ago at the Offshore Support Journal conference in London and has since then installed ConnectPOB on several of their vessels.

The following statements are examples from Olympic Subsea´s fleet where the ScanReach wearable helped locate personnel on their vessels.

«There can be many situations on board a vessel, which can lead to accidents and dangerous incidents. Then it is important to keep track of where everyone is With this wearable, you can see where everyone is in an emergency and can save resources when searching for people who cannot be accounted for on board. For safety reasons we also have control over who leaves the ship during installations, and when they come back on board.” “For our part, this technology is worth every penny if something happens to one or more of the crew on our ships. Every second is important when the accident is out!”

says Tonny Sørdal, Chief QHSE & Crewing Officer, Olympic Subsea AS

Mr Sørdal continues, “With the onboard wireless mesh network already onboard, it was great to add extra value to the use of it by adding environmental sensors. We care for our crew on board our vessels. The temperature sensors in use in the galley freezers and fridges are a part of the quality assurance of the food, minimising the risk of food poisoning. For vessel performance, our catering manager on board multi-Purpose Offshore Vessel Olympic Challenger saves lots of manual paperwork reporting and valuable time.”

Accelerating new use cases together

“Being in front of meeting the innovative needs in the maritime market is a challenging investment. Therefore, it is important that we connect with partners and suppliers that are willing to develop together with us. Ruuvi fits well with our mindset and deliveries, and we look forward to the closer collaboration,”

says Mads Westergreen, VP of Business Development for Scandinavian Reach Technologies AS (NOR).

“It has been great to see how our products help companies to build new, unseen solutions to traditional industries. This has been our vision since we started, and it has been great to see how ScanReach creates new innovations for the maritime industry. The future is bright, and our collaboration will strengthen in the future,

says Henri Hakunti, COO & Co-founder of Ruuvi Innovations Ltd (Oy)

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