Press Release – StratumFive and ScanReach are Podium Connected

J.Berger 1 year ago • 3min. read.

StratumFive today confirms ScanReach has joined the Podium5 Connected Community. Together the companies will be able to facilitate the implementation of onboard IoT platforms providing data to the Podium5 Voyage Informatics platform. This capability will benefit companies in the Community and others interested in connected solutions.

ScanReach has developed the innovative wireless IoT platform for complex and confined steel environments such as ships, offshore rigs and offshore wind turbines and industrial plants. Cabling is the conventional method to transfer data in maritime large and complicated steel environments. Retrofitting ships for connectivity through cabling is expensive, complicated and heavy.

The forthcoming revolution in the maritime and offshore industries is mainly driven by the power of digitalisation and increased connectivity onboard and between vessels and land. Advanced wireless solutions will enable increased personnel safety, and monitoring of assets, equipment and cargo in new ways.


Adding ScanReach and its Wireless Onboard Connectivity solution to the Connected Community is a major step forward for maritime digitalisation.  In addition to digitised noon reports and logbooks, we can build sensor and system networks on any ship. This will enable operators to leverage the full capabilities of our voyage informatics platform, Podium5,”

says Mike Powell, StratumFive CBO
ScanReach Onboard Wireless Connectivity (OWC)

«The combination of ScanReach’s onboard wireless connectivity and StratumFive’s Voyage Informatics platform leverages innovative technology to provide the maritime industry with a complete solution for voyage monitoring, reporting, analysis and optimization

says Arild Sæle, CEO, ScanReach. 

Press Contacts

Stratum Five

Mike Powell
Chief Business Officer
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Scandinavian Reach Technologies AS

Arild Sæle
Chief Executive Officer


For more than a decade StratumFive has been delivering leading cost-effective voyage monitoring solutions and has now become a leading voyage intelligence provider to more than 13,000 ships.  Its global network includes the recently acquired FleetWeather operations centre in the USA and its 50-year history of service excellence.  At the beginning of 2020, the company launched Podium5, an advanced voyage informatics platform for an increasingly connected maritime community.

About ScanReach

ScanReach is a maritime IoT company headquartered in Bergen, Norway.  The company was founded in 2015 and aims to increase personnel safety, vessel performance and contribute to a more sustainable future through the Onboard Wireless Connectivity platform. The wireless mesh network of nodes enables life-saving and sustainable smart solutions for complex steel environments, such as maritime vessels and offshore installations. Read more about our solutions.