ScanReach and IntSpo to partner on smart On-board tracking solutions

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ScanReach and Intspo moves into cooperation testing on-board wireless tracking solutions. Until now tracking equipment, cargo and assets on-board vessels and rigs has been more or less impossible due the lack of connectivity in steel environments. After four years of intense research and testing ScanReach is now launching the worlds´s first On-board Wireless Connectivity Solution making tracking possible in steel environment. With this disruptive technology in place it is now possible to offer a seamless tracking service on-shore and on-board. The main objective for this cooperation is to test and develop a seamless integration between two sensor technologies offering the client one tracking- and logistic solution onshore and on-board.

What can be solved with this Technology?
For important assets, like valuable spare parts, it is now possible to track the asset from the production facility, during transportation to the port, and even to continue to have information about where the asset is stored on-board the ship and the surrounding conditions. No manual registration will be required, hence the solution will remove the possibility of manual registration mistakes.

The asset owner will at all times have access to location and status information. Whenever there is an urgent need for an important spare part, the spare part can easily and quickly be found by the vessels personnel. For other types of assets, like tools which are frequently moved between a vessel and onshore, the solution will provide a unique combination of on-shore and on-board asset information.

IntSpo was established in 2017 and is providing value to its customers by combining technologies to provide cost efficient and intelligent tracking solutions. The solutions provided by IntSpo include seamless outdoor and indoor tracking where information and management is available in realtime. Different sensors can be utilized to provide asset status information. IntSpo is a pioneer in using new IoT technology based on mobile networks. IntSpo is based in Norway, just outside Oslo.


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