ScanReach has appointed a new CTO

Martin 1 year ago • 3min. read.

Welcome aboard! We are thrilled to announce Tom Hagesæther as our new CTO. His extensive experience will be valuable for piloting the tech team at ScanReach.

Tom will be leading the tech unit at ScanReach, working to accelerate the development of the Onboard Wireless Connectivity network. This will strengthen our growing and competent tech team, building solid solutions for the future of maritime IoT.

As our previous highly valued CTO moved on to new challenges in January, ScanReach has been looking for the perfect replacement. We believe we have found a strong leader with an eye for innovation and maritime technology.

“We are very happy to have Tom onboard leading our highly competent development team. Coming from a shipping company, Tom brings extended experience and knowledge of the maritime industry into ScanReach. Adding value to our technology development, as well as understanding future needs for the industry”

says Tor-Erik Rong, Chief Product Officer of ScanReach.

In the past, Tom has worked in Odfjell, managing their in-house development process and digitalisation. He has been working closely with the best business experts a worldwide shipping company can provide. One of the achievements in Odfjell was to fine-tune a value-driven product portfolio with the in-house DevOps teams.

“Tom, why did you join ScanReach?”

In the last 20 years, I have worked with digitisation and innovation within the shipping industry. I am energised by participating in the process, from envisioning an idea to making it work in real life. I am deeply fascinated by the agility and speed Tech companies like ScanReach can provide in identifying, organising, and providing solutions for valuable problems with wireless technology.

Tom Hagesæther, Chief Technology Officer, ScanReach

What potential do you see in the technology?

“How ScanReach has built a competent team covering everything from hardware to firmware, to full-stack development is impressive. In principle, anywhere a physical condition is part of the event chain, sensors can be used to increase safety, improve operations, and advance energy efficiency.

In many ways, if you have a wireless mesh net resolving one of the ScanReach use cases, you also have a platform for increased innovation speed with future use of sensors. I see great potential with ScanReach to accelerate the shipping industry, and I am excited to work with their team.”

What is the next step for the tech team at ScanReach?
“The team is already well organised and fulfils all expectations of a modern tech team. Still, we need to focus on increased throughput from tuning our processes, utilising technology opportunities, and retaining and attracting the best competence in the industry.”

The ScanReach team has developed the breakthrough onboard wireless connectivity technology which enables capturing data throughout the maritime vessel without cabling. IoT sensor data in complex steel environments, such as vessels, rigs, and offshore wind turbines, becomes accessible to management onboard and onshore.

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