ScanReach has signed a sales and marketing agreement with Bosn Tech

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ScanReach has signed a sales and marketing agreement with the Canadian-based Bosn Tech. The deal comes upon ScanReach’s recent successful launch of the world’s first wireless IoT platform for the marine sector. The technology allows shipowners and managers to achieve improved safety for crews and increased performance of shipboard assets through real time monitoring.

“It’s a great opportunity for our business to expand into Canada, a country with a long and rich marine history and where safety of the crew and protection of the overall shipping environment are given the greatest importance,” said ScanReach CEO, John Roger Nesje. “Our technology doesn’t just complement current safety and operating systems, it brings them to a whole new level and at a fraction of the cost of existing technologies.”

The company’s In:Range (crews) and In:Connect (equipment) solutions enable personnel and asset control in complex and confined steel environments where typical signal strength of existing systems is weak or non-existent. Importantly, it does so by eliminating the need for complex and expensive cabling.

“The value of the ScanReach technology is that it provides equal access to improved safety by being so affordable and adaptable to any type of ship,” said bosn’s Kevin Johnston, Business Development. “The system can be installed at a fraction of the cost of anything else on the market and typically in just a few days or less.”

Along with the safety value it offers personnel, the technology can also collect and transfer data from equipment or instrumentation the vessel manager requires, helping to improve operational efficiency. While the first installations will be aboard ships, shoreside entities such as ports, terminals and other marine facilities are also being planned.

“The applications are far reaching,” said Johnston. ”As long as safety and efficiency remain important drivers for progressive businesses, this technology will play an important role.”

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