ScanReach is entering the Offshore Wind market

Hilde 3 years ago • 2min. read.

Safety for personnel and crew is high on the agenda when new offshore wind parks are being built and start operating around the world. The offshore wind market is growing fast with a nearly 20% growth rate for the next five years. Having POB (Personnel On Board) control on offshore wind farms is complex with a high number of service personnel spread out on different wind turbines and onboard supporting vessels at the same time.

In order to obtain a high level of safety and POB control, there is a need for a completely new wireless connectivity technology that can work well in steel environments such as inside an SOV vessel or wind turbine. The connectivity technology must have the capability to wirelessly penetrate steel in order to track and communicate with personnel and at the same time have the capability to connect and mesh every wind turbine and vessel in real-time. The system must be easy to install and without the need for cabling.

We believe our Onboard Wireless Connectivity technology and ConnectPOB solution developed for the maritime industry has the needed features and capabilities. For this reason, we have decided to custom develop a specific solution for the offshore wind market in close cooperation with the industry.