ScanReach is now on the DnV Veracity platform

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We are very pleased to have signed contract with DNV enabling our wireless safety system In:Range onto the Veracity platform.

In order to obtain connectivity, cabling has so far been the only option available for data transfer in large and complicated steel environments such as ships, offshore platforms and large industry plants. Wireless data transfer has not been fully technically viable until ScanReach developed its smart wireless sensor technology and algorithms tailored for working in confined steel environments.

Based on our wireless sensor technology our first solution to be launched to the marked is the In:Range safety system for instant personnel on-board control (POB), allowing immediate and high precision rescue team involvement.

During emergency situations onboard ships and rigs, gaining POB control is a top priority. Existing solutions and procedures are mainly analogue, based on manual headcounts and paper sheets. This is a time consuming and complicated process often leading to dangerous situations and potential loss of lives. Delays in identifying and locating missing personnel leads to delays in mobilising assistance and providing potentially life-saving treatment.

In:Range utilizes smart ‘low power’ wireless IoT sensor technology providing on-board emergency response teams with an immediate overview and position of all personnel in real time. This information can be shared with different locations – such as fleet management offices, shipowner offices, insurance companies, coastal services and rescue departments – through cloud-based services, enabling enhanced decision support and assistance in emergencies.

for more information please see the press release from DnV veracity


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