ScanReach to join the panel at this year ShipInsight Conference in London Feb 26-27

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We are honoured to be invited to the panel discussing new technologies that have the power to change and transform shipping. Meeting decision makers in the global shipping industry discussing how On-Board Wireless Connectivity can be part of the solution contributing to a safer and more sustainable future is important.

We all know what happened when we moved from cabled telephones to the smart phones. How this revolutionized not only the way we communicated, but most of all how it transformed business and competitiveness. Those who did not adapt lost market shares and competitive edge.  This technology is now for the first time available for the shipping industry. It is going to be extremely interesting to watch who will get into the lead utilizing this new technology and tool for innovation and problem solving.

If you want to book a meeting with us in London during the conference please contact John Roger Nesje (CEO) at

See you all in London Feb 26-27.




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