ConnectPOB Wind

Hilde 3 years ago • 2min. read.

Offshore wind is growing globally and so is the number of people involved in the construction, operation, and maintenance. Crew Safety and POB control are vital for the industry moving forward. ScanReach is a leader within maritime IoT and has used the last five years to develop a completely wireless solution for digital Personnel On-Board (POB) control, allowing instant localisation and efficient rescue team involvement.

The system includes POB control for Walk2Work operations and can be used both onboard the supporting vessels and on the windmills delivering a seamless solution, bringing safety and POB efficiency to a completely new level.

We have called the system ConnectPOB Wind. Watch the film and please contact us if you want to learn more or if you want to book an online demo.


During emergency situations, onboard ships, and rigs, gaining POB control is a top priority. Existing solutions and procedures are mainly analogue, based on manual headcounts and paper sheets. This is a time-consuming and complicated process. Often this leads to dangerous situations and potential loss of lives. Time used on identifying and locating missing personnel leads to delays in mobilising assistance and providing potentially life-saving treatment.

Connect POB utilises smart ‘low power’ wireless IoT sensor technology. This provides onboard emergency response teams with an immediate overview and position of all personnel in real-time. This information can be shared with different parties – such as fleet management offices, shipowner offices, insurance companies, coastal services, and rescue departments – through cloud-based services, enabling enhanced decision support and assistance during emergencies.