Self installation by REM successfully completed

Hilde 3 years ago • 1min. read.

Our solutions are designed with plug & play functionality where the objective is that the crew should be able to install the POB solution without the need for external help onboard. This will lower the barrier to take this important safety and POB solution into use supporting scalability of the solution throughout the maritime and offshore industry. We are therefore extremely proud of the crew onboard REM Inspector performing a successful self installation this month proving the plug & play functionality.

Rem Inspector is operating in an offshore wind farm conducting multiple walk to work operations daily where the need for instant personnel control is vital for the safety and efficiency of such a complex operation. ScanReach is lucky to have a partner like REM Offshore taking safety and personnel control to new levels.

For more information about this installation and the benefits of taking our In:Range solution into use please contact us using the contact form below.