Presenting at SmartPorts 4.0 Summit

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29. – 30. September


The Smart Ports 4.0 Summit aims to bring the traditional ports and maritime sector towards the digital future by embracing, adopting and deploying already matured as well as new, developing technologies with human capital and corporate identity:

  • 20+ Global Industry Leaders
  • Addressing Key Challenges
  • Learn From Best Practices
  • Unique Platform to Share Know-How

Join the Smart Ports 4.0 Summit for a two-day strategic discussion on the future of the maritime industry. Sessions on policy developments, real-time examples of technologies already in use and those in research, as well as panel discussions with key industry representatives will provide a holistic pathway towards new ports reality post-2020.

ScanReach presenting

Listen in on our CEO, Arild Sæle, when presenting Wednesday Sept 29, about how we can help the maritime industry to:

  • save lives,
  • become more sustainable, and
  • make use of smart technologies in heavy steel environments.
Arild Sæle, CEO, CCO & Founder of ScanReach

Key topics

  • Mandatories, processes, and procedures regulating daily activities of the ports 
  • Ports’ physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Harmonised digital ecosystem across the maritime supply chain
  • Key technology advancements already in place
  • Key emerging trends and advancements: blockchain and 5G technologies
  • Evolution of ports into fully integrated innovation hubs
  • Most recent updates in global digitalisation trends and technologies
  • Fully autonomous ports of the future


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Plug into the world’s first wireless IoT platform for the maritime industry.

We have developed the Worlds’s first wireless IoT platform for complex steel environments removing the need for expensive cabling. It is now possible to connect wirelessly to people, sensors, equipment and cargo onboard any type of vessel, rig or windfarm.

No cables

Wireless node mesh eliminates the need for cables. Reduces installation cost immensely.

Plug & Play

Our installation guide makes it possible for our clients to do the whole installation internally.

Full connectivity

Full wireless connectivity through the wireless IoT platform enabling increased safety, performance and sustainability. 

Subscription plans

The solution cost is based on a subscription plan, making it easy accessible for tight budgets.


Enhanced safety and improved efficiency using ConnectPOB

Key notes

What does it mean

Will I as a seafarer be monitored at all times?

Man kNo. Your movements on board the vessel will not be available with a name for those managing the fleet from onshore, only through a numbered signal providing one person’s location. The bridge on board have access to your name, but not for monitoring. You will only be monitored for safety purposes. The ConnectPOB bracelet is to increase your safety on board. Sometimes saving a life is only a matter of seconds. The system will considerably reduce the time needed for the rescue team to localise you.

How do I report if I need help?

Hold the alarm button for +1 sec if you are in distress. The wristband sends out simple signals so that the rescue team can quickly find out where the person is.

There are always chances of humidity, oil, grease in hands when working in engine room. Will it affect the functionality of the wearable items?

The bracelet is IP67 certified and can be worn at all times, also in the shower. The nodes can be delivered with a protective capsule in environments such as the engine room and on open deck. 

Does the bracelet need to be on the wrist?

No, it can be worn as a necklace also. However, we recommend the wrist for better access in case of distress. Also, the chance of misplacing a bracelet is larger if not worn on the wrist at all times.

Do we get an immediate overview of where the crew is if in emergency?

Yes, if the crew wears the bracelet, then their location will be sent to the bridge (and onshore if desired).  

Will mustering training, and in emergency, be quicker with wireless bracelets?

Yes, in most cases when you also have an exercise that includes search and rescue, a significant amount of time will be saved. You will continuously see the number of persons that are in their mustering location, and if there are any who are not moving in the right direction.  

Counting at the mustering station takes place automatically and immediately when the persons arrive at the specified mustering place. The locations of the crew members who have not mustered are displayed in the system so that they can be assisted to their mustering location.  

What is the price?

Cost depends on the size of the vessel, the number of crew and the coverage needed aboard the ship. We offer an annual subscription solution that can be renewed annually. With us you avoid long binding contracts.  Please contact our sales department for an estimate. 

What is the installation time (Plug&Play)?

A typical installation of ConnectPOB will take somewhere between 3-5 hours depending on the number of nodes and the size of the ship. It is important that the IT department / supplier has prepared network accesses so that ConnectPOB has access to the network and to ScanReach’s cloud solution.  

The Plug&Play means that the installation is mainly carried out by the ship’s own crew with support from ScanReach Support. Installation can also be accomplished during vessel operation.  

What if we have a power source blackout on board the vessel?

The nodes have built-in battery backup for 36 hrs. The system computer which is connected to the ship’s network should be backed up by UPS power like other critical onboard computer systems. This way the network will be up and running in case of blackout.

Are the solutions approved and certified?


DNV-GL  IP 66 & 67 (watertight), -25°C to +70°C / -13°F to 158°F

FCC, CE/RED (sub-Ghz & 2,4GHz)

Atex & IECEx
ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018

Fuel Monitoring

Why? What? How?

Sustainability through awareness

What is ConnectFuel? How does it work?

ConnectFuel is a wireless end-to-end solution, providing real-time consumption monitoring and reporting data. We connect to your ultrasonic flow-meter through a mesh network of nodes on your vessel. The data is transferred securely through a gateway to the bridge, as well as ashore through cloud services and application programming interfaces (API). Your data can safely be available to your selected platforms and partners.

What value can I expect by installing ConnectFuel?

The value is not isolated to the short-term cost savings when chosen the wireless alternative before conventional methods requiring cabling. You will also get real-time fuel consumption awareness which provides an invaluable tool for desired behavioral change. There is a belief that awareness could easily reduce fuel consumption by 5% or more.

Is there any risk and is it costly to install ConnectFuel?

No. We do not cause any physical adjustments on your asset like when you install cabled solutions. The pricing is a yearly subscription based on number of mesh nodes and flow-meter integrations, starting on 20 nodes. Easy in – easy out!

Do you need to integrate into the onboard automation system?

No. This is a standalone system, without any need to integrate to your OEM system.

How can ConnectFuel help increase competitiveness?

You will get up and running with real-time fuel consumption monitoring swiftly and much less costly than with conventional methods. This will provide you with an advantage compared to competitors not yet having this. The return on investment (ROI) could be as high as 1:10.

Why wireless?

The key benefits of going wireless are many. The solution replaces costly cabling. Installation is executed during operation. It gives real-time fuel monitoring for learning, adjusting, and reporting.

What is normal installation time?

Depending on the number of nodes to be mounted, scanned, and tested, but normally it takes 2-3 hours to install the mesh nodes + 1-2hours per engine/consumer.

Can the Mesh network help us with other usecases?

Yes, when the Mesh network installed ScanReach will support a wide range of other useful features to benefit from. The vessel is now ready for the IoT future. Solutions as ConnectPOB, different sensors like temperature, humidity, vibration, and so on.

How is it installed

Fuel meters are clamped onto the fuel pipes, and wireless mesh nodes are mounted to suitable bulkheads near electrical sockets. These are connected through the gateway to the bridge monitor by scanning the pre-set QR code. The nodes come with an uninterruptible power source to ensure the network will stay live if there is a blackout.

Can I install this on our LTTC fleet?

Yes. The solution is not invasive, you can install the wireless network and clamp-on meter without affecting their systems, but you will need an internet connection to transfer data to the cloud. You can also remove the solution and install it onto another LTTC vessel within days too if needed. We believe full transparency of fuel consumption is valuable for our customers, regardless of if the vessel is managed or on time charter.

Will ScanReach push performance systems on my company? Is our fuel data trapped on your database?

No. ScanReach will securely store your fuel data and provide secure access through an industry-standard integration (API) which will be simple for your IT business partner to access. Our solution is to provide real-time fuel data, NOT to tell our customers how to use it. You know your business operational profiles best.