Connect wirelessly to your fuel consumption!

Spend less
Earn more
Reduce carbon footprint

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Overconsumption of fuel is a challenge. Targeting overconsumption it is important to know your consumption at any time!

Cabling has so far been required to transfer data in large and complicated steel environments until ScanReach developed OWC and the wireless IoT platform making it possible to connect and transport data wirelessly.

Using our breakthrough technology we developed ConnectFuel delivering instant fuel consumption monitoring data onboard and ashore.

Realtime Fuel Monitoring

Reduce cost / Earn more

Instant fuel monitoring provides increased awareness of fuel consumption. Research shows that increased awareness can have a major impact on vessel operation and fuel consumption.

Reduce emission

In order to be effective in fuel reduction you need to know your instant fuel consumption.

“There is a belief, that just by knowing your fuel consumption, you will be able to reduce your fuel consumption by 5%”. Thetius

Low cost / Plug & Play

No cables required. Easy installation. With guidance, the onboard technician will be able to install the solution within hours. The cost is low, only a monthly fee. Install ConnectFuel and start to reduce your consumption.

If you don´t know your fuel consumption at any time it is difficult to reduce it”  

Depending on the segment, fuel can account for up to 70% of a vessel’s total operating cost. Shipowners, managers, and charterers are therefore looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption to the bare minimum.  

Increase competitiveness through knowledge, awareness and change in behavior.

As a marginal industry, global shipping is increasingly exposed to competition and governed by new regulations that pressure the industry for greener and more transparent operation.   

One of the most important measures to reduce fuel consumption and improve vessel performance is to have the bridge and land organisations become more aware of instant fuel consumption. If you don’t know your fuel consumption, it is hard to reduce it through behavioral change.  

Instant fuel monitoring

Bringing instant fuel awareness to the bridge and to the land organisation has so far been a difficult and expensive task. Few vessels provide their crew with such access to information in realtime.  With the latest advancements in wireless IoT technology developed by ScanReach and flow measurement solutions, fuel consumption can now be measured and transmitted wirelessly in realtime onboard and ashore.

There is a belief in the industry that an instant awareness of fuel consumption can result in a fuel reduction of up to 5%. By installing ConnectFuel the ROI could be as high as 1:10. 

Install ConnectFuel

Reduce fuel consumption &
carbon footprint


Reduce fuel cost and emissions by knowing your consumption at any time


Ultrasonic measuring and digital signal
processing technologies connected to our mesh nodes. Flow data from several engines are wirelessly transferred to the bridge and onshore fleet office.

Digital Interfaces

Designed to deliver instant situation overview with the user’s goals in mind.

Wireless Nodes

The building block for full Onboard Wireless Connectivity.