Plug into the wireless IoT platform for the maritime industry.

We have developed a ground-breaking wireless IoT platform for complex steel environments removing the need for expensive cabling. It is now possible to connect wirelessly to people, sensors, equipment, and cargo onboard any type of vessel, rig or wind farm.

No cables

Wireless node mesh eliminates the need for cables. Reduces installation cost immensely.

Quick installation

Clients or our technicians do the whole installation in a matter of hours to two days (depending on the solution).

Full connectivity

Full wireless connectivity through the wireless IoT platform enabling increased safety, performance and sustainability. 

Cost efficient

The solution cost is based on a subscription plan, making it easily accessible for tight budgets.

Maritime & Shipping

Our solution is designed to deliver an instant situation overview with the user’s goals in mind. You can build competitive advantages and increase safety with wireless connectivity to personnel and sensors onboard any type of vessel. Easy installation even while the vessel is in operation.

Offshore Energy

We are developing the building block for full Onboard Wireless Connectivity with increased safety and better performance in mind. Capture sensor data in real-time. Enhance personnel safety by getting their approximate location in Search & Rescue situations. Get efficient mustering drills with automated meeting point registration. 

Offshore Wind

Unique automated wireless gangway registration. Avoid human errors caused by wrong entries when logging to which turbine the personnel has been offboarded. The same automated gangway registration solution can be used on diving platform as well. 

Easy installation for SOV vessel.


The following Connect solutions are now commercially available.

Wireless in steel environments

ScanReach ensures robust wireless data transfer in even the most complex steel environments. Physics made us do some compromises, trading big volume high-speed bandwidth with network robustness working in steel environments.

The smart and simple building block

The node is the unique building block for full onboard wireless connectivity at a disruptive cost. It uses special radio frequencies and smart algorithms packed in a simple, yet scalable and robust network of wireless nodes.

Digital Interfaces

Designed to deliver an instant situation overview with the user’s goals in mind.

Responsive design suited for desktop, tablet, and mobile view provides crisis management with a better visual overview of the crew’s whereabouts onboard the vessel when in distress.


Personal distress alarm and tracking during emergency and training.

As personnel moves around, their tag is identified by the nearest interior sensor, and wirelessly transmitted to the central unit. A connected PC with ConnectPOB software collects the crew location information from the central unit and presents it on a visual interface.

Note: GDPR compliant.

A barrier to innovation has been removed!

The solution for full Onboard
Wireless Connectivity


Increase personnel safety, and enhance time spent on search and rescue training.


Reduce carbon footprint by knowing your instant fuel consumption.


Predictive maintenance using ConnectVibration (soon to be launched).


Livestock and cargo freight with instant tracking of wet bulb, temperature and humidity.

The value of Onboard
Wireless Connectivity (OWC)

ScanReach ensures robust wireless data transfer in even the most complex steel environments paving the way for innovation, problem-solving, and value creation never possible before.

Steel environments

Reliable wireless data transfer in even the most complex steel environments.


Fits any vessel – always full wireless coverage onboard.


Secure, redundant and self-healing with battery backup.


Remote update services to ensure a long lifetime, future-proofed functionality and carefree ownership.


Connect data, assets, people, cargo and environment with simple APIs and open industry standards.

No cabling

Easy and effective installation in only hours. Low-cost integration and ideal for retrofitting.

Safe signals

Signals do not interfere with other instruments.

Safe personnel data

Personal data are kept and managed safely. GDPR compliant.

Innovation Norway believes in ScanReach

By: Jacob Grieg Eide

Innovation Norway has awarded financing to ScanReach for a series of significant development projects to make operations safer, greener and more efficient at sea by bringing wireless connectivity to the maritime and offshore industries.