Connect to your fleet’s onboard wireless data.


Increase personnel safety onboard. Know if anyone needs to be rescued.

Wireless locator of personnel in distress and rescue situations saves valuable time, hence maybe lives.


Reduce fuel consumption and emissions by knowing your fuel consumption at any time.

Flowmeters connected with Modbus to our wireless solution gives you control. Read the Marine Insight article.


Predictive maintenance using ConnectVibration (soon to be launched).


Livestock and cargo freight with instant tracking of the environment onboard.

Know how the temperature is at all times.

Until now, cabling has been required to transfer data in
large and complicated steel environments such as ships,
offshore energy and industrial constructions. The forthcoming revolution in the maritime and offshore industries is mainly driven by the power of digitalisation and increased connectivity onboard and between vessels and land through wireless solutions.

No Expensive Cabling

Wireless node mesh eliminates the need for cables. Reduces installation cost immensely.

Quick Installation

Our installation guide makes it possible for our clients to do the whole installation internally.

Full Connectivity

Full wireless connectivity through the wireless IoT platform enabling increased safety, performance and sustainability.

Customer Success

We proactively meet our clients’ challenges or questions with solutions and answers.

Wireless in steel environments.

ScanReach ensures robust wireless data transfer in even the most complex steel environments. Physics made us do some compromises – trading high-speed bandwidth with network robustness. Most importantly, it is working even when surrounded by heavy steel.

The smart and simple building block

The node is the unique building block for full onboard wireless connectivity (OWC) at a disruptive cost. It uses specific radio frequencies and smart algorithms packed in a simple, yet scalable and robust network of wireless nodes.

The value of OnBoard
Wireless Connectivity (OWC)

ScanReach ensures robust wireless data transfer in even the most complex steel environments.

ConnectPoB is the wireless solutions making it possible to locate personnel in distress or in need of rescue. The rescue team saves valuable time, hence maybe lives. As with many new technologies, we at the beginning experienced many of the staff onboard hesitating to start using the wristbands. We learned that they feared being monitored at all times. This is not the case, as everyone’s identity is hidden behind numbers. If an alert is triggered as a result of a person in distress, either manually or automatically, the number will start flashing in red. This indicator shows where the rescue team needs to go.

ConnectFuel, has already successfully been fitted on ships where it links flow meters that clamp onto the fuel lines to displays on the bridge and onshore providing instant visual indication of fuel consumption as well as for a selected period. Eliminating cabling, this is a huge cost saving when taking actions towards reducing fuel consumption.

ScanReach is mentioned in the Norwegian Government’s commitment to the ocean and ocean industries.

Steel structures

Reliable wireless data transfer in even the most complex steel environments.


Fits any vessel – always full wireless coverage on board.


Secure, redundant and self healing with battery backup.


Remote update services to ensure long lifetime, future proofed functionality and carefree ownership.


Connect data, assets, people, cargo and environment with simple APIs and open industry standards.

No cabling

Easy and effective installation in only hours. Low cost integration and ideal for retrofitting.

Safe signals

Signals does not interfere with other instruments.

Safe personnel data

GDPR and personal data is kept and managed safely.