Save time and enhance safety onboard.

ConnectPOB allows instant localisation and efficient
rescue team involvement. Safety and efficiency hand in hand.

The solution has a Gangway add-on, or standalone, for automated Walk2Work registration to wind farms, diving operations and more.

Safety and efficiency

During emergency and crew distress situations, gaining POB safety is a top priority on board maritime vessels.  

Conventional solutions and procedures are mainly analogues based on manual headcounts and paper sheets. This time-consuming and complicated process often leads to dangerous situations and potential loss of lives. Time used to identify and locate missing personnel leads to delays in mobilising assistance and potentially life-saving treatment.

Wireless connectivity

Connect POB utilises smart ‘low power’ wireless IoT sensor technology providing onboard emergency response teams with an immediate overview and position of all personnel in real-time. This information can be shared with different parties – such as fleet management offices, shipowner offices, insurance companies, coastal services and rescue departments – through cloud-based services, enabling enhanced decision support and assistance during emergencies.

Return on Investment

One of the everyday vital benefits is efficient muster training.

If the Automated Walk-to-Work Gangway Registration is added to the ConnectPOB solution, the person required for manual registration can be utilised for other tasks.

Save lives, reduce accidents and improve performance

Faster and better coordinated emergency handling and response.

Reduced time spent on search and rescue.

More efficient and higher quality safety training.

Fewer ineffective and inaccurate manual routines.

Cost efficient plug & play installation. No cables needed.

Meeting customer expectations for safer and more efficient operations.

Know where the crew is at all times in distressed and emergency situations.

Real time wireless solution. Works well in confined steel environments.

Increased safety and efficiency


Product features

Instant overview of personnel onboard

Provides efficient location of personnel. Counting mustered personnel. GDPR and personal data are handled safely.

ConnectPOB provides full onboard wireless connectivity (OWC)

No cables are required. The nodes are connected through a wireless mesh. Signals are not disturbing other instruments.

Simple terms and low cost of ownership

The solution cost is primarily based on a subscription plan, making it easily accessible for tight budgets. Contact us for pricing models. 

Easy integration with crew management systems

Our solution is rigged to be easily integrated. Data files can also be exported to Excel.

Check out our short video on YouTube:

Long lifetime

Wearables have two years of estimated battery life. When due, new wearables are included in the subscription plan.

Certified and approved by the industry

Certified in compliance with the requirements of the ATEX Directive and the IECEx Scheme by DNV GL Presafe. Our Quality System is in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018. With this certification, ScanReach is an approved Ex Product Manufacturer.

Connect wirelessly to people and assets onboard any vessel, and get the benefits of efficient emergency handling, training and operations.

Digital Interfaces

Designed to deliver an instant situation overview with the user’s goals in mind. Get instant notification on the bridge and operation centre if an incident with personnel requires rescue. Real-time positioning provides faster first-aid assistance. The rescue team’s movement can also be followed.

Wireless Nodes

The building block for full Onboard Wireless Connectivity. In case of communication blackouts, the system operates with real-time information through the UPS system. Wireless nodes can also be mounted in greasy environments.


Personal distress alarm and tracking during emergency and training. The bracelet/wristband is IP67 certified, which means it can be worn at all times. It is lightweight and user-friendly.

For your safety!

Enhanced safety and improved efficiency using ConnectPOB

Frequently Asked Questions

How, What, Who

Will I as a seafarer be monitored at all times?

No. Your movements on board the vessel will not be available with a name for those managing the fleet from onshore, only through a numbered signal providing one person’s location. The bridge officers on board have, as they already do, access to your name but not for monitoring. You will only be monitored for safety purposes. The ConnectPOB bracelet is to increase your safety on board. Sometimes saving a life is only a matter of seconds. The system will considerably reduce the time the rescue team needs to localise you.

How do I report if I need help?

Hold the alarm button for +1 sec if you are in distress. The wristband sends out pulse signals so the rescue team can quickly find out where the person is.

There are always chances of humidity, oil, grease in hands when working in engine room. Will it affect the functionality of the wearable items?

The bracelet is IP67 certified and can be worn at all times, also in the shower. The nodes can be delivered with a protective capsule in environments such as the engine room and on open decks. 

Does the bracelet need to be on the wrist?

No, it can be worn as a necklace instead. However, we recommend the wrist for better access in case of distress. Also, the chance of misplacing a bracelet is larger if not worn on the wrist at all times.

Do we get an immediate overview of where the crew is if in emergency?

Yes, if the crew wears the bracelet their approximate location will be sent to the bridge (and onshore if desired). The reason why it is an approximate location is due to nodes not being mounted inside sleeping cabins or toilets.  

Will mustering training, and in emergency, be quicker with wireless bracelets?

Yes, in most cases when you also have an exercise that includes search and rescue, a significant amount of time will be saved. You will continuously see the number of persons that are in their mustering location, and if there are any who are not moving in the right direction.  

Counting at the mustering station takes place automatically and immediately when the persons arrive at the specified mustering place. The locations of the crew members who have not mustered are displayed in the system so that they can be assisted to their mustering location.  

What is the price?

Cost depends on the size of the vessel, the number of crew and the coverage needed aboard the ship. We offer an annual subscription solution that can be renewed annually. With us, you avoid long-binding contracts.  Please contact our sales department for a price estimate. 

What is the installation time (Plug&Play)?

A typical installation of ConnectPOB will take 3-5 hours, depending on the number of nodes and the size of the ship. It is important that the IT department/supplier has prepared network accesses so that ConnectPOB has access to the network and ScanReach’s cloud solution.  

The Plug&Play means that the ship’s crew mainly carries out the installation with remote assistance from ScanReach Support. Installation can also be accomplished during vessel operation.  If preferable, we can also provide our installation technicians to do the set-up on board. 

What if we have a power source blackout on board the vessel?

The nodes have built-in battery backup for 36 hrs. The system computer, which is connected to the ship’s network, should be backed up by UPS power like other critical onboard computer systems. This way, the network will still run in case of a blackout.

Are the solutions approved and certified?


DNV-GL  IP 66 & 67 (watertight), -25°C to +70°C / -13°F to 158°F

FCC, CE/RED (sub-Ghz & 2,4GHz)

Atex & IECEx
ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018

Can the OWC mesh network help us with other usecases?

Yes, when the Onboard Wireless Connectivity mesh network is installed ScanReach will support a wide range of other useful features to benefit from. The vessel is now ready for the IoT future; Data sources and solutions such as ConnectFuel, different sensors like temperature, humidity, vibration, and so on.

Stay safe,
stay competitive.

Faster and better coordinated emergency handling and response.

Reduced time spent on search and rescue.

More efficient and higher quality safety training.

Potential reduction of insurance costs.

Fewer ineffective and inaccurate manual routines.

Meeting customer expectations for safe operations.

Install ConnectPOB and increase your impact towards a sustainable future

Make an impact

Our commitment

Protecting Planet & People

Our mission is to increase personnel safety, vessel performance and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Responsible Actions

We strive to be a trusted partner. This is always our guide through the way we do business and act in relation together with our clients. Our guidance is our policies and values to reach this goal. We make a huge effort to be in compliance with all relevant regulations and standards. Our products are type-approved and certified.

Enabling needed innovation and change for maritime industry

Our goal is to transform the Maritime and Offshore Industry by developing new and groundbreaking digitization technology.

Scanreach is a true enabler for future digital solutions with an increased focus on the safety, performance and sustainability of maritime operations.

We are committed to a sustainable future through the way we work and act as a company and not least through our technology and solutions in use by the maritime industry.

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We look forward to showing you how our platform allows you to stay safe and competitive.

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The value of safety culture

By: Jacob Grieg Eide

“There are as many, and more, upside economic consequences of a great safety culture as negative financial consequences of poor safety practices. It’s quite obvious which side shipping companies should be on, and our mission is to help them,”

says John Roger Nesje, chief executive of Norwegian wireless technology pioneer ScanReach.

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What is onboard wireless connectivity?

How can onboard wireless connectivity be used onboard ships? How does ConnectPOB revolutionize personal safety at sea? Why does ConnectFuel enable new ways to improve vessel fuel efficiency?

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