Ship navigation and voyage optimization – Summit

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The mission for the event organiser: To identify cost-effective solutions to enhance ship safety and efficiency while protecting the environment. Happy to welcome you to two days of discussions.

Their mission is why ScanReach decided to be a part of the event. Dan Slater, VP Business Development & Sales of ScanReach will do a 15min talk.

Tuesday, Nov 15. at 11:50-12:10 – ScanReach presentation
Collecting fuel consumption data from ships using the onboard wireless communication mesh network

Talk topic
Scanreach will explore how obtaining accurate fuel consumption data using cost-effective and easy-to-install onboard wireless connectivity solutions will help owners achieve regulatory compliance in 2023 and beyond.

15-16 NOV 2022
Athens, Greece
Crown Plaza City Centre

Ship navigation and voyage optimization – Summit 2022

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Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre
Michalakopoulou 50, Athina 115 28,

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Plug into the Onboard Wireless Connectivity IoT platform for the maritime industry.

We have developed the reliable Onboard Wireless Connectivity IoT platform for complex steel environments removing the need for expensive cabling. It is now possible to connect wirelessly to people, sensors, equipment and cargo onboard any type of vessel, rig or windfarm.

No cables

Wireless node mesh eliminates the need for cables. Reduces installation cost immensely.

Easy to install

Clients or our technicians do the whole installation in a matter of hours to two days (depending on the solution).

Full connectivity

Full wireless connectivity through the wireless IoT platform enabling increased safety, performance and sustainability. 

Subscription plans

The solution cost is based on a subscription plan, making it easy accessible for tight budgets.