Welcome to our webinar, 14. Apr. 10:00 CET with the topic:

Save lives. Reduce accidents. Increase performance. #4

Save lives. Reduce accidents. Increase performance. #4

Live webinar 2 hours

Welcome to our webinar where we focus on how our onboard wireless connectivity solution can help you to:

  • Increase the safety onboard
  • Locate your crew in emergencies
  • Automatic count at mustering stations
  • Allow your personnel to alert distress
  • Reduce time spent on search and rescue
  • Create concrete value both onboard and for the land
  • organizations
  • New features coming up: Fall detection, man overboard,
  • gangway control

Last but not least we will show you that Onboard Wireless Connectivity is enabling technology for full maritime digitalization, and has a huge future potential. Presenter from ScanReach: Arild Sæle, Chief Commercial Officer

The webinar is especially relevant for: Vessel & Fleet Managers, QHSE Managers, Safety & Quality Managers. Please register below and you will receive en e-mail with link to our webinar.

Hosted by:

Geir Todnem

Chief Operational Officer / COO

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