What is onboard wireless connectivity?

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Internet of Things (IoT) revolutionizing

For the last half, a decade technologists worldwide have touted the promise of the internet of things to revolutionize maritime operations. The internet of things, or IoT, is simply a wireless network of physical objects and sensors that have the ability to collect, store and transmit data. In our home lives, IoT technology has enabled us to connect everything from the kitchen appliances such as cookers and kettles to heating and lighting systems and even our cars.

The IoT is a gateway technology. Which is many of the great advances of the digital age such as data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence need large volumes of data to be effective.

IoT onshore knowledge utilized in maritime industries

Fully embracing the digitalization of the maritime industry requires an interface between the physical equipment that exists on ships and the digital systems that are rapidly being adopted across the industry. The maritime industry need also a wireless platform to utilize the great advances and applications of the IoT technology.

Just about everything in our lives can now be made “smart” through the use of the IoT, and the data it generates. In our lives ashore, this has been possible because of the prominence and availability of wireless network infrastructure. Most homes and businesses have access to some combination of either Wi-Fi throughout a building or a 4G signal provided by nearby masts. Already many have moved onto 5G.

These make it possible for all manner of devices to either connect to internet services or to connect directly to each other on the same network. The rise of Wi-Fi has drastically reduced the cost of adding devices to a network. Before Wi-Fi existed, getting connected meant wires, adaptors and ultimately cost.

How can onboard wireless connectivity be
used onboard ships?

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What is onboard wireless connectivity?

How can onboard wireless connectivity be used onboard ships? How does ConnectPOB revolutionize personal safety at sea? Why does ConnectFuel enable new ways to improve vessel fuel efficiency?

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