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Wireless connectivity to people, assets, and cargo on board any type of vessel, rig, or wind farm.

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…to enhance onboard safety, animal welfare, vessel performance, and lifetime asset integrity

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with our wireless IoT platform.

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Markets & Industries

Onboard Wireless Connectivity (OWC) will become a core driver for problem-solving and value creation for industries operating in complex and confined steel environments 

Our technology and solutions are designed for the ocean industries where steel is the dominant material.

Maritime & Shipping

Our solution is designed to deliver an instant situation overview with the user’s goals in mind. You can build competitive advantages and increase safety with wireless connectivity to personnel and assets onboard any type of vessel. Plug & Play installation even while the vessel is in operation.

Offshore Oil & Gas

We deliver the building block for full Onboard Wireless Connectivity with increased safety and better performance in mind. Connect wireless to personnel and assets onboard any type of fixed or floating rig. Plug & Play installation, even while the rig is in operation. Reduce time spent on Search & Rescue drills.

Offshore Wind

Unique wireless personal distress alarm and tracking during an emergency. Reduce time spent during search and rescue training, because you will be able to locate personnel instantly. Build competitive advantages and increase personnel safety for the complete wind farm, including supporting SOV vessels. Plug & Play installation for windfarm and SOV vessel.

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This video explains onboard wireless safety solutions in less than three minutes.

Being out in rough seas is a danger in itself. See this story from a captain’s point of view.

What is onboard wireless connectivity?

How can onboard wireless connectivity be used onboard ships? How does ConnectPOB revolutionize personal safety at sea? Why does ConnectFuel enable new ways to improve vessel fuel efficiency?

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Saving lives and improving our clients performance.

Scanreach in brief

Our mission

We aim to increase personnel safetyvessel performance and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our Values

BRAVE, HONEST, and CARING. These values are what defines us, our DNA. This is what we live every day. Separately, they have their meaning in themselves. Together they make an even stronger message and create a more complete picture of who we are.

Quality Policy Statement

Scandinavian Reach Technologies is making the Maritime and Offshore Industry Safer, Cleaner and Smarter through wireless onboard connectivity. We are committed to delivering products and services that:

Meet customer and regulatory requirements
Provide good customer experiences
Are sustainable and works over time
Are cost-effective

Our Quality Management System shall comply with requirements from ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 80079 – 34:2018, and regulations relevant for our business. We will ensure that our contractors and suppliers are aware of, and comply with, this policy. We aim to continuously improve our Quality Management System through Clear Objectives, Performance Monitoring, and Management Review. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver high-quality products and services through reliability and trust.

About us

ScanReach is a maritime IoT company based in Bergen, Norway. 1, June 2021 ScanReach opened its office in Singapore. The company was founded in 2015 with the mission of making the ocean industry safer, smarter, and more sustainable. ScanReach has developed the world’s first wireless IoT platform for complex and confined steel environments removing a major barrier for innovation, value creation, and problem-solving.  

Our commitment

Let’s make an impact by committing to a sustainable future

ScanReach is committed to the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG), and we work continuously and consistently towards a more sustainable future for us and our stakeholders.

We will reduce our client’s environmental impact through onboard wireless connectivity. We concentrate our work in 2021 on three areas of development:

Protecting Planet & People: SDG 12, 13, 14
Enabling Needed Innovation and
Change for Maritime Industry: SDG 9
Responsible Actions: SDG 8, 16a.

Complete fleet installation.

Why Olympic Subsea decided to install ConnectPOB